We look forward to your business!

Hello, We are Bien Company LLC.  We have been serving the Semo area since 1965.  We strive to bring you and your family home.  We take pride in making our tenants and owners feel at ease with a company that puts you first. 

If you are a tenant looking for a first time home or looking to down size and relax, Bien Company LLC is your answer!

If you are an owner looking to take time for yourself message us!   We can take the work load off of you!

 If you have any questions you can email our property manager, Mrs. Logan Shults or Office/HR Manager, Mellisa Clary. We would be glad to answer any questions or concerns! 




Contact us

Bien Company LLC

401 E Business U.S. 60,
Dexter, MO, 63841, US

LShults@bien.company MClary@bien.company +1 573-624-5531


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